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Live The Search? NO THANKS


…we’d rather be surfing. But how to know where it’s good? Forget written guides or what a friend of a friend told his uncles mate at a bar in Bali. Knowing a coastline takes time. A lot of time. Time that you often don’t have during a holiday.


Since we ran into this problem during various surf trips ourselves, we decided to do something about it. To save you the trouble of driving up and down the coastline looking for waves in our neighborhood, we started Surf Guide Portugal. We are constantly monitoring the forecast, know the "less famous“ Portuguese surf breaks and bring you to the best spots suitable for your surf level. 


Stop searching. Come surf with us instead!


All our Surf Guides are trained lifeguards and certified surf teachers to ensure you are safe and comfortable in the water at all times. In addition, we also give tipps on your surfing and offer a video analysis to improve your performance. Yay!


For more infos and prices check our packages below!




Surf Guide Portugal is based in Lisbon. Staying in this area, you will be able to enjoy the rich culture of the city while still finding world class waves on your doorstep.


On the map you can see which areas we cover in our packages marked red.


However, if you would like to explore surf spots further away, for example in Peniche, Nazare, Sines or Sagres let us know and we can arrange it for you!



We also offer special surf guiding for youngsters aged between 10-18. All our surf guides are trained surf teachers and lifeguards, but on request we also have a professional kindergartener and school teacher in our team. 


During our GROM GUIDING we take a maximum of two children per session and do NOT offer a pick-up and drop-off service. Therefore, we give a 15€ discount on our regular packages.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


OUR Packages






+ EXTRA Photo Package

* Get a 15€ discount on your package if you meet us directly at the beach!

We offer Surf Guiding Portugal exclusively for you and your friends, so it doesn’t get too crowded in the water. You can choose to book one of our packages by yourself or bring along up to three friends, the price stays the same.

If you would like to book multiple days or combine packages please let us know and we can arrange your Surf Guide experience individually, tailored to your holiday.


No car? No problem! 

All our packages include the pick up and drop off from your holiday home in or around Lisbon. 


Please note that surf material is NOT included in the packages, but shoot us a message and we can arrange wetsuits and surfboards (soft top/shortboard/malibu/longboard) for you.


Any further questions? Contact us!



Surf Guide, Photographer & Co-Founder

Since she stood on a surf board for the first time in 2008, Nia can’t imagine her life without waves anymore. That’s why she left her hometown Hamburg and explored the worlds best surf spots for the past years. Since 2016 she works as a surf instructor next to her studies at the university in Lisbon and helps people improve their surfing. 



Surf Guide

With over 20+ years of surfing experience, Lennart worked as a surf guide in many countries across the globe. He loves waves in every form, ranging from the more powerful ones on bigger days, to fun mellow longboard sessions. If he is not found in the water, he teaches sports at an international school in Lisbon.  



Surf Guide & Co-Owner

Originally growing up close to the mountains, being a snowboarder taught Robert how to handle a board under his feet. Therefore, picking up surfing in 2014 in Canada was relatively easy for him. Working as an international surf instructor since 2016, Robert is excellent in providing the necessary theory and helping students put it to practice.  



Surf Guide & Water Photographer

After picking up surfing on a trip through Australia, Hedda began to spend more time in the water than anywhere else and is working as a surf teacher since 2018. If she is not found on a surfboard, you can probably spot her in between the waves, swimming around the line-up with her water camera. 





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